Together We Are Better!

 Who is Robert Timmerman and how will he represent me?

Robert is running for Minnesota Senate to represent you! He will represent people who live in Burnsville, Savage, and portions of northwest Lakeville.  Robert wants to listen to your needs and bring those to Saint Paul.  He has the courage to listen and the courage to compromise. He will ensure our district maintains a strong voice in our state Senate.

What are Robert’s top four priorities?


  • Provide access to early childhood education for all students to help them succeed socially and educationally

  • Provide an opportunity to every student to receive a college or trade school education

  • Offer every elementary school student a healthy breakfast and lunch at school


  • Work to make healthcare prices transparent and seek lower drug costs

  • Continue to allow all Minnesotans to have access to healthcare coverage and work to ensure it is affordable

  • Ensure no Minnesotan needs to file bankruptcy due to healthcare expenses

 Responsible Government

  • Ensure the Department of Revenue holds all Minnesotans accountable for their fair share of taxes

  • Continue to monitor and audit our public healthcare programs to ensure they are spending our Medicaid dollars sensibly

  • Focus on reducing waste, fraud, and abuse in our state government


  • Encourage businesses to build and expand in our district while at the same time considering impacts to the local environment

  • Consider environmental impacts along the Minnesota river and how best to protect our watershed and drinking water

  • Focus on multimodal transportation options that reflect safe and environmentally sound decisions

 What can I do to help?

1.     Donate to the campaign by clicking here

2.     Send us a message, idea, or invitation by contacting us here

3.     Join the campaign and assist in any number of positions by clicking here